Integration with Google (Manual Method)

Integration with Google (Manual Method)
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As mentioned in above article INTEGRATION WITH GOOGLE (EXISTING METHOD) we have mentioned that there are multiple options to select the Google API Settings to connect.

  • Use Existing Client/Secret Key (Auto Google API Configuration)
  • Use Manual Client/Secret Key (Auto Google API Configuration)

In this knowledgebase, steps to shown the configuration with “Manual Client/Secret Key (Auto Google API Configuration)”

This feature is accessible in both the FREE and PRO versions of the plugin.

Begin by choosing the “Use Manual Client/Secret Key (Use Your Google API Configuration)” option from the Google API Setting dropdown menu, and then click on the Save button. This action will show an input box/textbox where you can input the Client ID and Secret Key.

For instructions on creating your own API Client ID and Secret Key, please refer to the documentation titled “How to Create New Client ID and Client Secret Keys.

Enter the Client ID and Client Secret Key into the provided input boxes, and then click the Save button. Afterward, you’ll find a button that enables you to generate the Authentication Token, as per the below screenshot.

Click the “Click here to generate an Authentication Token” button. This action will take you to the Google Account login page for integration.

Once there, choose the Google Account you wish to integrate with.

Please ensure that you enable both checkboxes as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you’ve logged into your Google Account, you’ll see a dialog box requesting permissions for integration and data storage in Google Sheets. To proceed, simply click the “Allow” button.

You will then be redirected to the integration page, and the authentication code will be automatically populated in the input box.

After saving the Auth details the page will display the connected Google Account and Deactivate button( allows to deactivate authentication ).

Your Integration is complete using Client/Secret key.

Debug Log #

Check Debug Log for Invalid Access Code.

If on saving the code the circle spins check the log.txt file for any auth error by clicking Debug Log “view” link below the authentication input box and let us know by opening up the Support Ticket to help you further.

Lastly, click on “Not showing Sheet Name and Tab Name and Sheet URL in the Form Dropdown list ? Click here to fetch it.”  This will fetch all the Sheet and Tab details which would be further used for connecting your Avada Form  with Google Sheets.

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