Plugin Settings – PRO Version

Plugin Settings – PRO Version

This guide makes it easy to install Gravity Forms and the Gravity Forms Google Sheet Connector Plugin.

Integration of Contact Form with Google Sheet: #

Edit Contact Form: #

Go to the Gravity Form Dashboard: #

  • Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Navigate to the Gravity Form dashboard.

Edit the Form: #

  • Locate and edit the specific form that you want to integrate with Google Sheets.

Edit Form – Setting – GoogleSheet Pro : #

  • In the form editor, go to the “Emails & Actions” tab.
  • Click on “Add New Section” and add “Google Sheet Connector Pro.”

Add Feed and Name the Feed : #

  • Add feed by clicking on “Add New”.
  • Name the feed .

Automatic Select : #

  • Set the Integration Mode to “Automatic”.

Click on Fetch Spreadsheet : #

  • Click on “Fetch Spreadsheet.”
  • Select the Google Sheet Name.
  • Choose the specific Tab Name.
  • or Create New Google Sheet

Note : Use Manual Method if You have too much Google Sheets.

Manully Add Sheet Info : #

  • Add Google Sheet Name
  • Add Google Sheet ID
  • Add Google Sheet Tab Name
  • Add Google Sheet Tab ID

Add Manually Google Sheet Info like this.

Field List : #

  • Add feeds based on your requirements.

Custom Tags : #

  • Using Custom, you can add custom tags like Entry Id, Entry Date, Form URL.

Header Sorting : #

  • You can sort headers according to your preference.

Freeze Header : #

  • Enable Freeze Header to make the header freeze on top.

Colors : #

  • Customize the appearance by setting the background color of the header, odd columns, and even columns.

Sheet Sorting : #

  • Choose between Ascending or Descending Order for sheet sorting.

Condition & Synchronization : #

  • Configure any additional conditions and synchronization settings.

if you don’t have any form Enties then Sync button will not be shown


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