Integration with Google (Manual Method)

Integration with Google (Manual Method)

First, select the “Use Manual Client/Secret Key (Use Your Google API Configuration)” option from the Google API Setting dropdown and click on the Save button. Which will further display the input box/textbox to add the Client ID and Secret Key.

To create your own API Client ID and Secret key read the documentation “How to Create New Client ID and Client Secret Keys“.

Add the Client Id and Client Secret Key in the given input box and Click the Save button. Which will further display a button to generate an Authentication Token.

Click on the button “Click here to generate an Authentication Token”. Which will redirect you to log in to your Google Account with which you want to integrate.

The use of Reset Button is to make changes.

Select the account with which you want to integrate & Give Google Drive Permission.

After saving the Auth details the page will display the connected Google Account and Deactivate button( allows to deactivate authentication ).

Your Integration is complete using Client/Secret key.

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