Plugin Settings – PRO Version

Plugin Settings – PRO Version

After successfully completing the integration with Google with preferred method and configuring the necessary permissions as described in the last article, proceed to your WPForms Google Sheet dashboard – Form Setting. From there, Select the specific Contact Form that you intend to configure for use with Google Sheets. This will allow you to set up the desired form-to-Google Sheets connection according to your requirements.

Fetch Sheets by clicking on “Click here to fetch it”.

Now Go to Form Setting , In GSheetConnector Enable Setting : on.

Next, you will find both Manual and Automatic Selecting Methods for choosing the sheet you want to work with. If your sheets are not visible in the dropdown menu, you can click on the “Fetch Sheets” link below to retrieve them.

Select Google Sheet & Tab Name and scroll below to configure

Form Field : #

Enable the fields you wish to view in your Google Sheet by Enabling Fields.

You can also Rename it.

Request Headers : #

Smart Tags are Default Fields like date , time etc.

Add smart tags like this :

  1. click on show smart tags
  2. select smart tag that you want to add.
  3. give name that you want to see in google sheet.
  4. you can add another smart tag like this.

You can sort fields here.

By enabling Freeze Header , Your header will be stick to the top in google sheet.

By enabling Alternate Colors , you can get background colour for Header & also for Odd & Even .

In Sort Sheet you can set column order in Ascending & Decending .

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