Installation Process – FREE Version

Installation Process – FREE Version

This guide makes it easy to install Gravity Forms and the Gravity Forms Google Sheet Connector Plugin.

Installing Gravity Forms #

1 . Download Gravity Forms.

  • After downloading Gravity Forms go to the plugins page then click Add New.

2 . Upload Gravity Forms.

  • Click Upload Now in the top left corner.

3 . Choose Gravity Forms.

  • Drag and drop the file you downloaded onto the Choose File button.

4 . Install Gravity Forms.

  • Click “Install Now” for Gravity Forms.

5 . Activate Gravity Forms.

  • Once it’s installed, activate it.

Installing Gravity Forms Google Sheet Connector Plugin #

6 . Go Back to Plugins

  • If needed, go back to the Plugins section.

7 . Add New Plugin

  • Click “Add New” again.

8 . Search for Gravity Google Sheet Connector

  • Type “Gravity Google Sheet Connector” in the search bar.

9 . Install Gravity Google Sheet Connector

  • Click “Install Now” for Gravity Google Sheet Connector.

10 . Activate Gravity Google Sheet Connector

  • After installing, activate it.

A Quick video showing an installing #

Installing from WordPress #

  • To Add the New Plugin, Select the “ADD NEW” Plugins Menu in the Dashboard.
  • Click on the “upload plugin” Button & upload the Gravity Forms Google Sheet Connector plugin zip file.
  • Install and activate the Gravity Forms Google Sheets Connector Plugin.

A Quick video showing an installing #

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