Plugin Settings – PRO Version

Plugin Settings – PRO Version

This guide makes it easy to Configuration of WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Google Sheet Connector Plugin.

Integration of Divi Forms with Google Sheet: #

Divi Forms Feeds Setting : #

In Google Sheet – Feeds Setting :- #

In WordPress Dashboard : #

  • Navigate to Divi > Google Sheet > Feeds Setting.

Fetch Sheets : #

  • If you haven’t fetched sheets from the integration tab, click on “Fetch sheets.”

Add Feed : #

  • In the Google Sheet – Feeds tab, click on “Add Feed.”

Name The Feed: #

  • Provide a name for the feed.
  • Select the page.
  • Click “Submit.”

Edit the Feed: #

  • Once the feed is successfully added, edit the feed.

Fetch Fields & Save Form Fields: #

  • Click on “Fetch Fields” to retrieve form fields.
  • Save the form fields.

Google Sheet Setting: #

Integration: #

  • Ensure the integration is complete as per the instructions.

Fetch Sheets: #

  • Click on “Click here” to fetch sheets.

Select Google Spreadsheet: #

  • Choose the existing Google Spreadsheet or create a new sheet.

Save or Submit Data: #

  • Select Google Sheet and Tab Name.
  • Save or submit data.

Enable Manually Adding of Sheet Name and Tab Name: #

  • Optionally enable this checkbox to manually add the sheet name and tab nam

Manually Adding Sheet Name & Tab Name: # #

  • Manual Method: #

    • Manually add Google Sheet Name, Google Sheet ID, Google Sheet Tab Name, and Google Sheet Tab ID.
    • Save and submit data.

Field List Setting: #

Fetch Fields: #

  • Click on “Fetch Fields.”

Enable Fields: #

  • Enable the fields you wish to view in your Google Sheet.

Sort Fields & Rename: #

  • Optionally, sort and rename fields.

Header Management: #

  • Freeze Header: Enable to stick the header to the top.
  • Header Color: Set the background color for the header.
  • Odd Color: Set the background color for odd rows.
  • Even Color: Set the background color for even rows.

Submit Data for Save: #

  • Save the configuration.

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