Plugin Settings – FREE Version

Plugin Settings – FREE Version

This guide simplifies the process of installing Forminator Forms along with the Forminator Forms Google Sheet Connector Plugin for seamless integration.

Integration of Forminator Forms with Google Sheet : #

Form Feed Setup : #

  • Navigate to the “Form Feed” tab in Google Sheets.
  • Locate your Forminator forms in the list and click on the “Set up forms integration with Google Sheets”.

Form Feed - Forminator GSheetConnector

  • Add a New Feed for your form. (We provide feed features for managing one form multiple times.)

  • Name the Feed and Save the Feed.

  • After adding the feed, click on “Edit Feed and Integrate With Google Sheets.”

Edit Feed - Forminator GSheetConnector

Configuration with Google Sheet : #

  • To connect your Google Sheet with our Contact Form, you will need the following Google Sheet details.
      • Google Sheet Name
      • Google Sheet ID
      • Google Sheet Tab Name
      • Google Sheet Tab Id

  • Fill Details in Feed tab and Save Google Sheet Details.

  • Once you save the Google Sheet details, the names of the fields in your Contact Form will be automatically in the Google Sheet.

All Fields are in Google Sheet - Forminator GSheetConnector

Additional Submission Date Feature: #

  • If you desire to view the submission date of the form in the Google Sheet, simply add one more column named “date,” and the submission date will be displayed accordingly.

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