Google Sheet API Setting

Google Sheet API Setting

How to Create New Client ID and Client Secret Keys? #

1. Login to your Gmail Account and Start here.

2Create New Project as shown below :

API Create new Project

3. Enter desired Project Name, ID, and Location to get access to the new project and Click on Create :

API Add Project Name


APi Enable Services

5. Search for APIs and Services to Enable Google Drive API.

API Enable Google Drive

6. Click on Enable.

API Click Enable Google Drive

7. Click on APIs and Services and go to Library page.

Open Library Page

8. Enable Google Sheets API.

API Enable Google Sheet

9. Click on Enable.

API Click Enable Google Sheet

10. Again Click on APIs & Services and select OAuth Consent Screen.

Open OAuth Consent Screen

11. On the OAuth Consent Screen select the user type and click on the “Create” button.

With GSheetConnector as it requires authentication if you are selecting an Internal user type then you will require the same organizational domain email Id.

Example: If you create an API within an organization i.e then while authentication the user email id must be of the same organization i.e

And if you are using an External user type, you would need to verify our app by creating and providing a link to a YouTube video that shows how you will use the data you access using OAuth scopes. This will be a process of 5-6 days if you provide a quick response.

It will require the following points to be considered in the video and must be in English.

  1. How to log into your project (ensuring that the URL bar with the client ID is clearly visible)

  2. How to request an OAuth token (OAuth Consent Screen/Permissions Page)

  3. How your project’s functionality utilizes the requested scopes:

Refer to our below video example to create an app verification video to be submitted to Google.

API Select User Type How to Create New Client ID and Client Secret Keys?

Add App Details

13. Add sensitive scopes for Drive files and Spreadsheets as we have to deal with sheets and save data to them.
Note: Our API just fetches Drive Spreadsheets and no other data.

Add Scopes

14. Check the summary and further move to create Auth Credentials. Here further, if you want to create your APP as external you can do it by submitting the app verification video as per step 11.

App SummaryMake External

15. Click on Create Credentials and select OAuth client Id to obtain new credentials.

Create OAuth Credentails

16. Select Web application in Application Type and click on create.

Select APP Type

17. Add authorized redirect URI. It must be the integration page of the GSheetConnector plugin. Example as per Image.

Add Redirect URI

18. Your Credentials have been generated.

OAuth Credentials

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