Plugin Settings – PRO Version

Plugin Settings – PRO Version

After integration of Elementor Form Google Sheet Connnector .

Go to the page where you have created Elemenetor Form – edit form.

1 . Edit Elementor Form :

  • Go to the Elementor Form page and edit the form.

2 . Configure Actions :

  • Click on “Actions After Submit.”
  • Add Action – “GSheetConnector” .

3 . Configure GsheetConnector Feed :

  • Click on “GSheet Connector” to configure the feed.
  • If sheets are not showing, click on “Fetch Spreadsheets.”

4 . Select Google Sheet :

  • Choose the Google Sheet Name where you want to store your form entries.
  • Select the specific Google Sheet Tab Name.

5 .  View Your Google Spreadsheet:

  • Click on “View Google Sheet” to check your Google Sheet.

6 .  Freeze Header:

  • Click on “Freeze Header” to make your header sticky in the Google Sheet.

7 .  Header Color:

  • Choose Header Color for the header background color in the Google Sheet.

8 .  Odd Color:

  • Choose Odd Color for Odd Rows background color in your Google Sheet.

9 .  Even Color:

  • Choose Even Color for Even Rows background color in your Google Sheet.

10 . Add Fields to Google Sheet:

  • Toggle on the fields that you want to add in your Google Sheet.

11 . Synchronization:

  • Click on “Click here to sync with your selected Google Sheet” to synchronize your form entries with the selected Google Sheet.

12 . Publish or Update:

  • After configuring all the settings, click on “Publish” or “Update” to save the changes.

13 . Check Your Google Spreadsheet :

  • Open your Google Spreadsheet by Clicking on “View Spreadsheet” .

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