Introducing the Easy Digital Downloads Google Sheet Connector, a crucial add-on plugin for Easy Digital Downloads. Serving as a vital link between your WordPress Easy Digital Downloads and Google Sheets, this plugin streamlines the process of sending, storing, and managing all your order data efficiently within Google Sheets.

Available to use Free version of Easy Digital Downloads Google Sheet Connector and
Easy Digital Downloads Google Sheet Connector PRO

Google Sheets are also called as Google Spreadsheets.

Easy Digital Downloads is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create a fully functional online store with all the features you need to built from the ground up to sell downloads; software, ebooks, music, etc.

Whenever a customer places an order on your EDD-based website, the order details are automatically transmitted to Google Sheets immediately upon submission, taking into account the order’s status. Additionally, you have the capability to synchronize products, product variations, and customer information, each in its dedicated tab.


  • Integration – Use Existing Client/Secret Key (Auto Google API Configuration)
  • Integration – Use Manual Client/Secret Key (Manual Google API Configuration)
  • One Click Authentication
  • Click & Fetch Sheet Automated
  • Automated Sheet Name
  • Manually Adding Sheet Name & Tab Name
  • Rename Headers for Google Sheet
  • Header Soting (Column Sorting)
  • Toggle Feature : Enhanced with the toggle button to show or hide the fields in Google Sheets.
  • Ascending & Decending Sorting
  • Automtic Headers : Automatic Headers in Google Sheet
  • Configuration of All Order Tab 
  • Freeze Header Settings
  • Header Background Colour
  • Odd & Even rows Background Colour
  • Sync Setting : Instantly sync form submissions with Google Sheets in real time, ensuring up-to-the-minute data accuracy
  • Download Your Sheet
  • Debug Log : Diagnose and troubleshoot issues efficiently with detailed debug logs
  • Multi-language Support : Supports multi-language (in google sheet)
  • Multi-site Support : Supports multi-site (Network Site)

There’s no need to be concerned about order management anymore. Once you’ve selected the appropriate sheet and configured it accordingly, you’ll have an up-to-date Google Sheet that mirrors all the activities on your Easy Digital Downloads , including orders, products, and customer-related data.

We’re thrilled to introduce the Easy Digital Downloads Google Sheet Connector PRO version, which includes advanced features for syncing orders, products, and automation. This update streamlines processes, making your e-commerce operations smoother and more efficient.

Check Live Demo :-

Begin by installing the Easy Digital Downloads(EDD) plugin, and subsequently, proceed to install the Easy Digital Downloads Google Sheet Connector Plugin.

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