Plugin Settings – PRO Version

Plugin Settings – PRO Version

After its Integrated as per the above instruction,

First Click On Click here to Fetch sheets,then select your Google Spreadsheet Name or you can Create a New Sheet.

Easy Digital Downloads Google Sheets Setting : #

Now in Google Sheets/Tab Name,Enable Tabs that you want to insert into Google SpreadSheet. Enabling Check All will put all tabs into your Google Sheet.

Google Sheet Headers (Column Name) : #

Manage Google Sheet Headers : Enable Header Field to add Header to your Google Sheet.

Customize Header Names : Rename Header Field to change the names of headers in your Google Sheet.

Sort Headers : Use the Sort Header Field to arrange headers in your Google Sheet as needed.

Google Sheet Setting (Freeze Header , Header & Odd-Even Background Colour) : #

  • Freeze Header : Enable Freeze Header for Stick header to the top.

  • Header Color : Header Color is for background color for Header.

  • Odd Color : Odd Color is for background color for odd rows.

  • Even Color : Even Color is for background color for even rows.

  • Sheet Sorting : You can Sort Columns in Ascending & Descending order.

Google Sheet Sync : #

Google Sheet Sync is for syncing data to Google Sheet.

Sync Payments : Sync Payments is for syncing payments(entries).

Download Payments : Download Payments is for Downloading payments ‘s sheet.

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