Plugin Settings – FREE Version

Plugin Settings – FREE Version

This guide makes it easy to Configuration of WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Google Sheet Connector Plugin.

Integration of WooCommerce with Google Sheet: #

WooCommerce Data Setting : #

  • Go to WooCommerce dashboard – WooCommerce Data Setting.


WooCommerce Google Sheet Setting : #

  • First Click On “If Not showing Sheet Name ? Then Click here to fetch it” , then select your Google Spreadsheet Name or you can Create a New Sheet.

WooCommerce Google Tabs Setting : #

  • Now in Google Sheets/Tab Name,Enable Tabs that you want to insert into Google SpreadSheet.Enabling Check All will put all tabs into your Google Sheet.

WooCommerce Google Sheet Headers (Column Name) : #

  • Some default fields given in WooCommerce Google Sheet Connector ( free version ) will be automatically in your google sheet.(like below screenshot)

Now Submit Data.

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