Plugin Settings – FREE Version

Plugin Settings – FREE Version

This guide simplifies the process of installing Formidable Forms along with the Formidable Forms Google Sheet Connector Plugin for seamless integration.

Integration of Formidable Forms with Google Sheet : #

  1. Ensure that you have successfully integrated (Automatic Integration or Manual IntegrationFormidable Forms with Google Sheet Connector.

Editing  Forms : #

  1. Navigate to the Formidable Forms section within your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Locate and edit the specific Formidable Forms you wish to integrate with Google Sheets.

Forms to Settings -Formidable Forms GSheetConnector

Form Setup : #

  1. Now navigate to “Settings” Tab .
  2. Under “Settings” tab you will see the “Actions & Notifications” on left side.
  3. After you will able to “FORM ACTIONS” One of the Action will be “GSheetConnector “
  4. Click on “GSheetConnector”.

Configuring GSheetConnector form : #

1 . Insert the necessary details for your Google Sheet in the relevant fields : #

    • Google Sheet Name
    • Google Sheet ID
    • Google Sheet Tab Name
    • Google Sheet Tab ID

  • Check out the screenshot below for an example of a Google Sheet. It includes information like the Google Sheet’s Name, ID, Tab Name, and Tab ID.

  • Update or Save.

2 . Sheet Header Configuration : #

  • The labels of the form fields will be used as headers in the Google Sheet.
  • For That We had Manually Add the Form fields in Sheet as Headers.

  • Copy all Form Fields header and paste into Google Sheet.

3 . Automatic Form Entry Display : #

  • Upon submission of a form, the entry will be instantly displayed in the Google Sheet.
  • Form entries will populate the rows beneath the corresponding headers, ensuring a seamless and organized display of data.

Entry in Google Sheet-Formidable Forms GSheetConnector

Additional Submission Date Feature : #

  • If you desire to view the submission date of the form in the Google Sheet, simply add one more column named “date,” and the submission date will be displayed accordingly.

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