Plugin Settings – FREE Version

Plugin Settings – FREE Version

1 . Integration of Contact Form with Google Sheet:

  • Ensure that you have successfully integrated Gravity Form with Google Sheet Connector.

2 . Edit Contact Form:

  • Go to the Ninja Forms section in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Locate and edit the specific Contact Form that you want to integrate with Google Sheets.

3 . Open the Setting:

  • Within the Contact Form, go to setting , navigate to the “Google Sheets” tab.
  • Add a new feed.

4 . Name the Feed & Insert Google Sheet Details:

  • Give a name to the feed.
  • Insert the necessary details for your Google Sheet in the relevant fields:
    • Google Sheet Name
    • Google Sheet ID
    • Google Sheet Tab Name
    • Google Sheet Tab Value

5 . Copy Label Names:

  • Navigate to the “Form” tab in your Contact Form editor.
  • Copy the Label Names associated with each form field. These label names will serve as identifiers for your form data.

6 . Paste Label Names in Google Spreadsheet:

  • Open your Google Spreadsheet linked to the Contact Form.
  • In the corresponding columns, paste the Label Names from the Contact Form.

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