GSheetConnector for Forminator Forms is an addon plugin of Forminator Forms. A Bridge between Your WordPress Forminator Forms and Google Sheets. It helps you to send, save and manage all your form submissions directly in a Google Sheets.

Google Sheets are also called as Google Spreadsheets.

When a visitor submits data through a Forminator Forms form on your website, that information is automatically sent to Google Sheets upon submission.

Features (Free)

  • Integration – Use Existing Client/Secret Key (Auto Google API Configuration)
  • One Click Authentication
  • Manually Adding Sheet Name & Tab Name
  • Unlimited Integrations : Connect to multiple Google Sheets with multiple Forms without any limitations
  • Addon Plugin Compatibility : Compatible with all Forminator Forms addon plugins providing  designs or conditions for a versatile experience
  • Debug Log : Diagnose and troubleshoot issues efficiently with detailed debug logs
  • Multi-language Support : Supports multi-language (in google sheet)
  • Multi-site Support : Supports multi-site (Network Site)

Check Live Demo :-

Start by installing the Forminator Forms plugin, and after that, install the Forminator Forms Google Sheet Connector Plugin.

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