Common Errors / Issues

Common Errors / Issues

Quota Exceeded #

Google API for Google Sheets provides 300 requests per minute, therefore if there is a request of greater than or equal to 300 request per minute then it will display this error in debug.log if your debug log is enabled from wp-config.php

"errors": [ { "message": "Quota exceeded for quota metric 
'Read requests' and limit 'Read requests per minute' 
of service '' for 
consumer 'project_number:XXXXXX'.", 
"domain": "global", 
"reason": "rateLimitExceeded" } ], "status": "RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED"

Therefore, to handle this, In the PRO version, there is a provision to use either Manual Client/Secret Key (Auto Google API Configuration) or you can use the CF7 Database option to send the missed entries to google sheet, while clicking a button to “Send to Spreadsheet”.

Invalid OAuth2 token #

If you are getting an error in View Debug,

 [ERROR_MSG] => Auth, Invalid OAuth2 access token 

Then, this indicates you have to given the required permissions from your Google account while authentication. Make sure, you must have to allow the permissions for Google Drive and Google Sheets,

​You can double-check from here
Check under 3rd Party Apps: GSheetConnector for WP Contact Forms (Click, and it will show you below)
It should show All the required permissions like this, if not then click to Remove access from here and then go back to Plugin Settings
Integration Tab Deactivate Authentication and then again Authenticate again along with Google Drive and Google Sheets permission
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