Licence Management

Licence Management

Upgrade Licence #

Upgrade license will help you to upgrade from single site licenses to multi-site licenses based on available options. For example, if you have a single license and wish to upgrade to a 3-site, 10-site, or unlimited-site license, you can do so by paying the price difference, which is called prorate. Make sure after upgrading expiry of the license will remain same as you are paying the difference amount based on prorate. If you have any questions then reach us through email.

To upgrade your license.”

1 . Click on “View Licenses.”

2 . Then, select “View Upgrades”

3 . Now Click on “Upgrade Licence”

To Upgrade Licence , Click  on “Upgrade Licence”.

Note: Upgrade costs vary based on your license expiry date.

Manage Sites #

If you wish to deactivate a license key for a specific site from your account:

1 . Click on “View Licenses.”

2 . Then, select “Manage License”

3 . Click on “Deactivate Site.”
No need to add a site from here, You have to go to your plugin settings again and enter the license key and validate the license. Once license is validated, it will show here your site name automatically.

Extend Licence #

This will help you to renew the license for annual subscription, If your subscription is active along with correct payment method then no need to extend, it will automatically renew your existing subscription untill cancel.

If your subscription is not active and  you wish to renew the license then extend the licence, navigate to Your Account & Click on View Licences.

Now Click on Extend Licence.

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