Plugin MetForm Setting – PRO Version

Plugin MetForm Setting – PRO Version

This guide makes it easy to install Metform Elementor Contact Form Builder and the Elementor Form Google Sheet Connector Plugin.

Integration of MetForm Elementor Contact Form Builder with Google Sheet: #

MetForm Settings : #

  • Go to Google Sheet Connector – MetForm Settings.

Select Form : #

  • Select Form that you want Configure with Google Sheet.

MetForm – Google Sheet Setting : #

Fetch Sheets : #

  • If your sheets are not visible in the dropdown menu, you can click on the “Fetch Sheets” link below to retrieve them.

Manually add Google Sheet Details : #

  • Insert the necessary details for your Google Sheet in the relevant fields:
    • Google Sheet Name
    • Google Sheet ID
    • Google Sheet Tab Name
    • Google Sheet Tab ID

Select Google Sheet & Tab : #

  • Select Google Sheet & Tab Name and scroll below to configure.

Field List : #

Enable the fields you wish to view in your Google Sheet by Enabling Fields or Check all to check all the fields.

Rename Fields : #

You can also Rename it.

Sort Fields : #

You can sort as your prefrences.

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